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all rights reserved 2010
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Welcome to The Ad-Screen Protector the industry
leading provider of TV Screen Protectors into hotels,
motels and time-share leisure resorts.

High-definition and flat-screen TVs invaded the hotel
industry several years ago, and today nearly every new
full-service and many select-service properties have the
highest-quality TV equipment in their guestrooms and
public areas.

The projected life-span of a flat-screen TV is projected
to be aound 55,000 hours (approx 10years).
Howeverflat-screen TVs are far more fragile than the
old CRT TV's they replace and a recent survey
indicated that nearly 30% of flat screen monitors in
hotel rooms suffer accidental impact damage over a 3
year period.

Our Ad-Screen Protector is a clear optical grade
acrylic screen protector that has been designed to give
maximum protection to vulnerable Plasma and LCD
TV's and also provides an opportunity for advertisers to
place their message into every guest room.

Advertisers now have the opportunity to access hotel
guests with their message 24 hours a day seven days
a week for a minimum period of 1 year. Our advertising
is constantly on view on the TV - even when it is turned

Our Ad-Screen Protectors offer you a great way of
marketing or promoting your business and products.
Ad-Screen Protector advertising has been proven to
promote branding and maximizes visibility towards
your potential customers, and most importantly...
promotes your message!

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How It Works

We supply tv screen
protectors to protect hotel tv
screens from accidental
impact damage and provide
an opportunity for advertisers
to promote their message to
your guests.


The ad-screen protector
reaches the consumer 'in
their rooms' ready to take
action. Advertisers can target
receptive audiences,
influence and motivate
purchasing or decision
making activities.


Protect your investment in
flat screen technology and
enhance your guests peace
of mind with an ad-screen
protector, resulting in
savings in tv replacement
and an advertising revenue