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Getting the right technology installed to lower expenses while
also increasing revenue is a tough business.

In todays harder economic climate it makes sense to protect
your investment in Flat Screen TV's. One of the main
problems associated with flat screen technology is that the
delicate nature of the screen ensures that any accidental
impact damage usually results in the need for a complete
replacement.Many hotel owners are unaware of the fragile
nature of flat screen TV's. Just a small impact from a child
with a toy or a bottle can result in an expensive accident.
These types of accident are unlikely to be covered by your
insurance policy.

To help eradicate this problem our parent company The
Screen Protector ( has been
manufacturing and installing tv screen protectors into hotels,
prisons, sports bars and hospitals since 2007. It is the worlds
largest seller of TV Screen Protectors for TV's from 15" upto
65" and larger.

The benefits to hotels to protect their investment in flat
screen technology is already proven with a dramatic
decrease in the replacement cycle of flat screen tv's in hotels
due to accidental impact damage.

By taking this proven concept and providing an area for
advertisers to promote their products we can offer you a
partnership which enables you to protect your TV's, lowering
your costs,and provide a revenue stream for every room that
is protected by an ad-screen protector.
Lowering Expenses
Increasing Revenue

A recent study into hotel
flat screen TV breakage
rates found that 30% of
hotel TV's suffer
irreparable damage in a
3 year period.

Lowering Expenses

A recent enquiry from a
timeshare resort to
protect their 500+ LCD
TV's from accidental
impact damage resulted
in us enabling them to
save over $82,000 over a
three year period - a
return on investment of
over 130%. A welcome
saving in todays climate

Increasing Revenue

In addition to this saving
we can also partnership
with advertisers to offer
you a revenue stream
that provides you with an
additional monthly
income for every guest
room that has an
ad-screen protector.

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Lowering Expenses and Increasing Revenue